Saturday, November 21, 2015

Writing Mini Lesson #33- Capitalization

After reading Mini Lesson #32, you now know that CUPS stands for Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling. Edit those CUPS kiddos!  This lesson will focus on the C- Capitalization:

1.  Review capitalization rules.

The beginning of the sentence:          He rode the bike.

The pronoun "I":          Did I see you at the park?

Proper nouns:          Jan, New York City, Golden Gate Bridge

Titles:         Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing

The first word of a quote:         She asked, "Why is the sky blue?"

Greeting and closing of a friendly letter:         Dear Jan, / Sincerely,

2.  As a whole group, proofread a sample together.

3.  Take Notes.  
After reviewing the basic capitalization rules and working in a whole group, then have students go back to their table and copy the rules into a notebook along with examples. If you use interactive notebooks with your students, give them a copy of a cup!!  This student cracks me up.  She was all into this "BOSS" thing.  Whatever it takes!  I was just tickled that she was excited about her learning!  Her examples inside the cup were funny too.  Love her.

4.  Last, have students work independently to practice the rules!

Now that the lesson was introduced and practiced, expect your students to use these rules in their writing across disciplines!  You don't teach Social Studies or Science?  Let those teachers know and have them expect it as well!  It takes a village!

Next writing mini lesson #34-  CUPS-  Usage!

Like always, 

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