Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writing Mini Lesson #28- Million Dollar Words

Mini Lesson #27 was Rockin Beginnings. Did you rock it out? I hope all my teacher friends had a rockin beginning today! This was the first day back in our district. It is always an exciting time! Digging through resources and materials, getting new class lists, decorating rooms, seeing friends and colleagues, fun times! Next up on the writing mini lessons is Million Dollar Words. Hit that lotto! Start off with the mentor text: I Love You the Purples by Barbara M. Joossee.

"The lake slowed its thrashing to a soft, even beat. The mosquitoes dipped low to the water and the water bugs skittered on top. The moon glowed on one side of the lake while the sun shimmered on the other."

Next, introduce FAAVS (Figurative Language, Adjectives that sparkle, Adverbs that shine, Verbs that strengthen, Sense Words that sizzle) It is a great way to help students remember things they can exchange and sometime add to their writing. I like to post these on a bulletin board to use throughout the year!


  Example:  The dog went down the road.
  Add Figurative language!
  A dog as tiny as a mouse went down the road.
  Add an Adjective that sparkles! 
  A dog as tiny as a mouse went down the steep
  Add an Adverb that shines!
  A dog as tiny as a mouse quickly went down
  the steep road.
  Add aVerb that is strong!
  A dog as tiny as a mouse quickly bolted down
  the steep road.
  Add a Sense word that sizzles!
  A dog as tiny as a mouse quickly bolted down

  the steep, rocky road.

When students are at this stage of writing, provide them with a thesaurus, student resource pages, and a million dollar dictionary.   Then take the class writing piece and add/exchange million dollar words. Here is one of my examples.

Students then need to take notes.

Need more practice?   Give them a simple sentence and have them add FAAVS to make it a million dollar sentence!   Example: A cat went up a tree.

GREAT IDEA:::As I walk around the room, I look for student samples. I then give a couple students a $1,000,000 sentence strip. They write their samples on the sentence strip and may put their name on it. I post them in the room.

I hope this will help your students with word choice!   Next writing mini lesson #29- will be DARE to Revise- Exchange- Variety of Sentences

Like always, 

If you would rather have all of the these mini lessons (over 400 pages) in one spot along with tracking forms, goal forms, prompts, practice sheets, etc, etc.  Click on the pic below!  Boost those test scores with a year-long writing program!


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