Monday, February 23, 2015

Miss Me?

Have you missed me?  It has been a while since I've had time to write a post here so sit back, relax and get ready to read!  Ha!  There has been so much going on here!  Oh where oh where should I begin?  Ok.  First off:

What is this?  My lovely boot.  At the beginning of January, I ended up in this beautiful thing.  How? Well, I was skiing in Colorado and one of the Olympic skiers was there and taught me a few jumps and flips.  I was successful on the first couple runs, but the third one I ended up falling pretty hard and broke a bone.  Sounds exciting right?  Well, it certainly sounds better than the real story!  I basically was sitting on my foot, it got numb, and I jumped up to get something and landed on my dumb numb foot and broke a bone!  No lie!  I am still in a boot, but glad I didn't have to get a cast.  My daughter bedazzled it at first, but since they've fallen off.  :(  Word to the wise:  If you sit on your foot for too long, it becomes numb so don't expect to jump up and land on it without it crumbling underneath you!

The next major event was we moved into my dream house!  We found a house in the same district I teach and my son goes to school.  We have been wanting to move to this area FOREVER!  I was able to bring both of my children to this district since I teach here.  Demi attended from first grade until she graduated.  Lots of commuting!  Donovan is now a freshman.  Why now?  I still wanted to live here and love the small community feel.  Why is it dreamy?  I always wanted to live on the lake and we were able to find one we can afford and love!  We have been working double jobs and saving and working and working and it finally paid off!  Hubby thinks I got hurt on purpose to get out of all the craziness that goes along with moving.  I had no problem hobbling around and moving boxes and packing and unpacking and so on and so on.  Does he not know how much of a worker bee I am after being with me for 25 years?  A boot may slow me down but it won't stop me!  Here are some photos:

Hubby out front.

Love our view from the end of our property.

I can't wait to sit out here!

I love to entertain so this island had me at hello!

I can't believe how much STUFF we had to weed through!  We lived in our house for 14 years.  Great neighbors, fun time, lots of memories.  Hubby wanted to toss everything or just throw it in a box, but I took my time and went through everything and found so many amazing things I've saved over the years.  My godmother has been gone for a few years and I found so many handwritten cards and notes she has sent me over the years.  Priceless.  Simply priceless.  I took pictures of some things and texted them to friends and family so they know how much they mean to me.  It was a wonderful trip through time remembering events and people who are very dear to me.  That's why we save things, right?
This was from way back in Junior High and I kept it!
Back to the boot- It was difficult to walk the kiddos up and down the halls for activity, lunch, bus, etc.  I took a few days off and my doctor wrote out restrictions for work.  With the new policies, etc, work thought it would be better for me to stay out until I could come back without restrictions.  I resisted at first and then thought it might be for the best.  It is painful at times and it would probably heal quicker if I stayed off of it.  Being the worker bee that I am, it has been tough!  New house + off feet = unhappy Pam.  So I started to be creative and made this cork board.  If you look close, all of them have dates and people's names on them who had a glass of vino with me.  Yes, there may be some that say, "I drink alone!"  Ha!  My sister-in-law from Raleigh was super sweet and came down to help with the house.  She has awesome taste and she would go around measure, we would pick things out, and she would hang/put it together.  Seriously?  How lucky can I get?  I love her and my house is looking great!!!!!

Here is a picture of my favorite piece of furniture we bought at a local place called White Tiger.

Next up on my agenda was Pamuary.  Those of you who know me, I celebrate my birthday month instead of just a day.  All my friends and family know this and although there has often been resistance in the family, they now embrace my craziness.  I like to be a Queen for month.  Why not? I bend over backwards for my family for 11 months.  It is my turn people!  I love it because friends come out of the woodworks.  I may not have seen them forever, but when Pamuary comes, I get calls and messages every day to meet out for lunch. movies, dinner, shopping, you name it!  Today is actually THE DAY.  Yes, my birthday!  Pamday!  I feel blessed and loved!  My daughter surprised me and drove home from college for the weekend!  The best surprise ever!  Great family weekend!

My friend Sheri bought me this book!  She knows me too well!

  Flowers from Aunt Dolly

   Vino had to be part of Pamuary.

Got this from Teacher Next Door- Jennifer Larson.  Love her and she knows me too well!

To go along with Pamuary, TPT is having a sale on the 25th so I will put my whole store on sale too so that is big big savings!  You can also win a $10 gift card by going to my Facebook tomorrow (Feb. 24th).  ROCKIN RESOURCES FACEBOOK

ENJOY THE REST OF PAMUARY!  I promise to start blogging again!

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