Thursday, November 13, 2014

Writing Mini Lesson #6- Relevant Details

Are you ready for your next mini lesson?  The previous lesson was on topic sentences which leads us into this lesson on relevant details.

1.  Start off with a whole group discussion.  Introduce the teaching slide.  Make sure to talk to your students about how they don't need to include all of their details.  Choose relevant or powerful ones.  Point out the example given below.  Notice how the writer left out information about swimming.  There were enough experiences and relevant details that swimming wasn't needed or maybe the writer didn't have enough details about swimming to include it.

2.  Notebook with partners:  Remember to write first!  What are relevant details?  They are VIP-P- very important pieces to the paragraph!  Other notes are found in the yellow box above!  Answer the question, "Why do you think the writer did not include all the details?"  Choose relevant or powerful ones.  The writer can leave out information if there are enough experiences and relevant details to make a strong paragraph.  This example was taken from an essay about choosing summer as a favorite season.  The topic sentence is a reason for liking summer----going on vacation.  Have students write relevant details to support this topic sentence.  Then color and cut out.  Glue the title at the top and the organizer on the page first.  Next, glue just the top of the VIP-P box and place it over the organizer.  Now you have a flippy flap!

3.  Students then use this organizer and form a paragraph.

4.  Come back to whole group or small groups and share paragraphs.  Be proud!

5.  Do your students need more practice or do you want to reinforce the skill?  Use a printable where students search paragraphs for details that are not relevant.

Waaaallllaaaa!   You have given your students a valuable tool for writing!  Next up:  Clinchers!  

Do you need a complete NO PREP Paragraph Unit?  There are anchor charts, interactive notebooks pages, practice worksheets for each of the following:  Complete Sentences, Fragments, Run-Ons, Topic Sentences, Relevant Details, and Clinchers!  As a Bonus- Indents lesson, hamburger graphic organizer, and assessment!

Rock 'N' Write!

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