Saturday, November 1, 2014

Writing Mini Lesson #4- Run-On Sentences

The last mini lesson was on Fragments.  Next, we will work on Run-On Sentences!

ideas and lesson on how to teach run on sentences and how to fix them.  Anchor chart included.

A RUN-ON SENTENCE is two complete sentences that run together. 

Example:   I like blueberries I don't like bananas.

fix and teach run on sentences with this anchor chart lesson ideas and activities including fanboys

Fixing Run-On Sentences:

1.  Separate the two ideas into two sentences.  

     Ex.  I like blueberries.  I don't like bananas.

2.  Create a compound sentence by using conjunctions.  Use FANBOYS to help students remember a variety of conjunctions.  It helps students create compound sentences with words other than AND!  They want to use AND for all of them!

fix run on sentences using fanboys conjunctions for compound sentences

     Ex.  I like blueberries, but I don't like bananas.

It is good practice to have students take notes on this skill.  It helps with comprehension of the skill and provides them with a resource to use in the future.

Student sample.

For more practice, have students write their own run-on sentences and have their partner correct them.  Then come back as a whole group and share some of the student samples on the board.

I hope your students are Rockin and Writing!  Stay tuned for the next lesson on:

Writing Mini Lesson #5-  Paragraph Writing!

Do you need a complete NO PREP Paragraph Unit?  There are anchor charts, interactive notebooks pages, practice worksheets for each of the following: Complete Sentences, Fragments, Run-Ons, Topic Sentences, Relevant Details, Transition Words and Closing Sentences!  As a Bonus- Indents lesson, hamburger graphic organizer, and assessment!

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