Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Writing Mini Lesson #3- Fragments

I hope your students caught onto mini lesson #2- COMPLETE SENTENCES!  Although I go over and over and over this same skill all year, students still will ask if they need to write in complete sentences.  Really?  I love this meme!

I am still laughing!!!!  I showed my students this meme and they thought it was funny too.
This mini lesson will focus on FRAGMENTS.  I like to show an image for my visual learners so for fragments I use a broken heart!  Bless your little heart!  As a whole group, we review yesterday's COMPLETE SENTENCES lesson and then discuss the meaning of fragments using the following anchor chart.

fragments, subject, predicate, complete sentences

To help students understand the meaning of a fragment, they take notes in their notebook.  I have students paste (or write) the title at the top.  We always write before we color, cut and paste!  Students take notes and fill in the chart with their examples.  We like to create flippy flaps so we paste the chart first, then place the heart rectangle over top by just pasting the top.

If students need more practice, have them create 5 fragments and exchange it with a shoulder partner. Their shoulder partner then makes them complete sentences!  Share with whole group!  Then I like to have independent practice to see if each student understands fragments and complete sentences.  Either provide fragments for students to put into complete sentences or provide fragments and complete sentences and have students identify them.

I hope this helps you in your classroom!

Stay tuned for Writing Mini Lesson #4-  Run-ons!

Do you need a complete NO PREP Paragraph Unit?  There are anchor charts, interactive notebooks pages, practice worksheets for each of the following:  Complete Sentences, Fragments, Run-Ons, Topic Sentences, Relevant Details, and Clinchers!  As a Bonus- Indents lesson, hamburger graphic organizer, and assessment!


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