Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Southport, NC

Have you ever been to Southport?  We are sitting at Fishy Fish Cafe, a block away from where Safe Haven was filmed.  I am supposed to be in Wilmington because we are moving my daughter to a new apartment for school.  I am with my best friend and god daughter.
We decided to take an impromptu stop since they are from Pittsburgh and never been here.  I love it!  I bet this would be a relaxing place to retire!  

We pulled in, went to a couple shops and just so happened to stumble upon wine tasting.  My god daughter rolled her eyes.  
It was the cutest little wine shop.  Lifeguard chairs and bar that looks like a boat.  While we were laughing having a good time, there were some musicians there who asked if we could sing.  Well, I've always wanted to be a rock star, hence my Rockin Resources name, but I can't hold a tune for nothing.  However, BFF Dawn can sing the life out of Bobby Magee so we hit the stage!  No worries, only 5 people there.  I danced and snapped my fingers since he didn't have tambourines.  Yes I was doing a little hair swinging. Meg just blushed and took our pic!  

After dinner, we will see the house from Safe Haven and hit the road to Wilmy to meet my daughter and her boyfriend.  Tomorrow morning we will be busy moving!  Hopefully we will have time after to take them into Wilmy or Wrightsville Beach before we head back to Charlotte on Thursday.  Woo woo!  I love spontaneous trips with fun peeps!  #ilovesummer. #imprompturocks!

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