Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hyperlinks from Powerpoint to PDF for Mac Users

Since I am a new Mac user, I found it very frustrating to have my hyperlinks carry over from a Powerpoint to a pdf file.  On a PC,, they transfer automatically.  I scoured through many forums and sites with no success.  Needless to say, it is midnight and I have been troubleshooting all evening.  BUT WAIT, DON'T BE WORRIED ABOUT ME.  I FIGURED IT OUT.  OH YEAH!   I AM NOW DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what worked for me:

Hyperlink in your Powerpoint and save.  Convert to pdf with

Some of you may not need to do the extra steps.  (my cute fonts didn't transfer so I had to do more steps)

1.  Make a copy of your slide and take out the images you hyperlinked.

2.  Save only that slide as a jpeg

3.  Insert the jpeg into a new slide

4.  Select all your hyperlink images or texts and copy/paste them onto jpeg

5.  Delete other slides or save them in another file.

6.  Go to www.zamzar and convert to pdf wahhhhhllllllaaaaa!!!!!!!

Woo woo!  Oh yeah.  I'm rocking!   Swinging my hair around.  (My teenager just came down to eat again and wondered what I was doing.)  Ha!!!!  The little things in life that make us happy.
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