Sunday, April 13, 2014

Toes in the Sand

Spring Break has finally arrived.  So much anticipation!  My son, his friend and I drove down to Wilmy (Wilmington, NC) to visit my daughter at college.  It was a beautiful drive and absolutely perfect weather!  I am still pinching myself that my freshman in college wanted her brother and mother to stay with her at her apartment instead of getting a hotel.  Really?  I am so glad that we are so tight.  I am also glad that my hubby listened to my pouting about trading in my convertible for a family vehicle.  We decided to keep it for a while longer and hope that his car lasts longer to be our family car.  It has been so much fun driving around at the beach in our convertible.  Nobody had much faith in me when we were packing though.  All my bags, food, and two tall teenagers in my little car.  No worries!  We got it all in!  It was an awesome weekend to come down....The Azalea Festival!  If you've never visited Wilmy, add it to your list!  Adorable town on the water with Wrightsville Beach a few miles away.  The festival had food and craft vendors, entertainment, and local shops open. We walked around and listened to some street bands.  Then we headed to the beach.  I am blessed to have both my kids by my side on such a sunshiny weekend!

My babies on UNCW campus.

Stopped on campus at Port City Java for a Green Wave.  Yes, still trying the diet!

I took my baby to her favorite restaurant- Islands

We went to Azalea Festival in downtown.

This was in a little shop.  I think I should go back and get it.

Ahhh. Toes in the sand.  

Are you doing anything fun for break?

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