Monday, April 21, 2014

Poetry Time!

Although I teach poetry throughout the year, I absolutely love our review unit to pull it all together.  They get to choose their subjects.  Usually our poetry throughout the year is more thematic based, seasonal, or from content.  Kill two birds with one stone!  We started today by coloring the cover page and we completed the Acrostic poem and Couplets.  I love to read their poetry!  I put a slide on the smart board to explain each poem.  It also has a sample or two. I also have rhyming dictionaries for students to use while writing.  It is best if they wrote a rough draft on scrap paper before putting the final on the template.  It helps avoid eraser marks.  My students love to use markers so I tell them to use scrap paper under the page since it bleeds through.  This is my first time blogging on my phone!  I hope it works!

I have a Poetry Slam (slides/posters) of different poetry along with elements of poetry and how to analyze poetry!    

I also have these cute templates if you need them.  It is called Poetry Portfolio.

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