Friday, April 11, 2014

I made it!!!!!!!

Woo woo!  Oh yeah!  That's what I'm sayin!  I made it through the last day before spring break!  It was helpful that we had a career day today that took up an hour of our time.  My little cherups were excited but we were mostly outside and they could wiggle around and be a louder than normal.  I was impressed with the stations we got to experience.  We had some amazing speakers who told us about their jobs.

 Limousine Owner
 Fireman- They got called away while we were there!  

 This man runs this massive beast of equipment and fixes roads in our county.
 He makes signs for the county.
He is a big wig for Coke!

He is a sheriff who does his job on horseback.

Can you guess who was my students' favorite?

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