Saturday, March 29, 2014

Revolutionary War Unit Finally Finished Sale!

As many of you know, I have been working on this Revolutionary War Unit for a year!  Yes, a year!  I am not kidding.  I started last year when I was teaching the war.  I began gathering awesome tools, websites, and ideas that worked well with my students.  Little by little I would add to the unit.  Then, this year came along and it wasn't completely ready yet when it was time to teach it again!  Can you say perfectionist?  All of my other Social Studies Units are under 100 pages.  This one was getting so big because there was too many areas I felt necessary to cover that I divided it up into 3 different units.
1.  Causes- Road to Revolution
2.  Important People of the Revolution
3.  Events and Battles
It made the most sense to do it this way.  However, I created a bundle of all three to save my dedicated buyers some mula.  

If you were to implement them individually, it would take 9 weeks and cost more money.  With the bundle, I was able to weave people in and out of the other units and bring it down to 8 weeks.  The great thing about this unit is you don't need a textbook!  It gives you teaching slides to put on your smart board or to print as a poster.  There is an abundance of informational text for students as well.  Here are the table of contents and sample pic for each unit:



My monkey is off my back and I am getting ready for spring break!  Look out Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, and Raleigh!  I will be traveling to visit my daughter in college, my mom, and then mother-in-law with my 15 year old son.  I can't wait!

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