Friday, March 28, 2014

March Madness Activity

We had a blast today!  As some of you know, my class is a bit boy heavy.  A bit?  That is saying it lightly.  My poor girls.  I have 6 girls and 17 boys in my morning class and 7 girls and 16 boys in my afternoon class.  I had a little change in my teaching sytle this year.  A good friend of mine taught a Same Gender Class of all boys so I was able to get some great tips from her!

Back to today: I showed my classes the current standings in March Madness.  It didn't surprise me when many of them knew exactly what I was talking about and even filled out brackets with their families.  My whole family and their familes are doing one too.  Now I don't know basketball well, but I do know how it is played and watch my son play for the middle school.  I know some of the NCAA teams but not many.  Basically I picked mine according to their standings, where they are, and of course the color of their uniform.  He He.  My girlfriend from Wisconsin was happy to know that I picked them to win!!!  I'm from Pittsburgh but live in Charlotte so don't ask how that happened.  All I know that is if they win, she will be putting a cheese head on my head to wear to school.  Lol!

Oh back to the activity.  After much discussion on the teams, I handed this out:

I got it for free from a cute TPT store. Anita's Free March Madness Bracket  Her version had poetry which would be a great idea for Poetry Month!  I thought I would do mine to relate to characters, stories, plays, and songs that we have covered in my class.  Each student filled one out and then we took a majority vote for the main one on the board to find the winner.  It was so much fun for a Friday activity!  I didn't even give out treats to a winner and they were all happy.  So if you need something fun that will keep your boys entertained on a Friday afternoon, here ya go!
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