Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flash Sale! March Writing!

Flash Sale! 2 Hour Freebie! Please leave comment! You will find 7 writing assignments for the month of March!

1. Blarney Stone Non Fiction Newspaper Writing- This has informational text about the Blarney Stone and a website if you wish to read it through technology. Students choose one of the topics to about the stone and create a newspaper article. Graphic organizer, newspaper template and rubric included.

2. Iditarod Acrostic Poem- This one has a website to read about the Iditarod or you can use any other informational tool to teach students about the Iditarod. Then they are to create an acrostic poem using phrases and key words about the race. Template and rubric included.

3. I’m a Leprechaun Lyrics and Narrative Writing- This has a copy of the lyrics to the song, I'm a Leprechaun. There is also a youtube link to the song to play for the class. Students then write a story from the point of view of the Leprechaun in the song. They are required to use figurative language. Center instructions, figurative language samples, templates, and rubric included.

4. Writing Limericks- Teacher instructions and student instructions included. A final copy template is also in the packet.

5. How to Make Popcorn- Super cute! Students tell how to make popcorn using a step by step process. There are center or homework instructions. They write on the popcorn pieces and paste them to the bucket. Great bulletin board display! 

6. The Day I found a Four-Leaf Clover- Student write a narrative piece about what they did when they found a four-leaf clover. I like to use this one after we have finished reviewing the writing process and narrative elements. There are student instructions, clover cut-outs, cute writing paper and a rubric included!

7. March Madness Persuasive Letter Writing- Students get a choice of 4 different persuasive writing prompts about basketball and March Madness. Get your sports-oriented students interested in writing! There is a student instruction sheet that also included persuasive elements, a letter writing format printable for the final copy and a rubric!

Each of these are sold individually for a total of $11.50. You save $5.50 with the bundle!
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