Sunday, March 2, 2014

Effective lessons on Word Choice and Voice

I am so pleased with my students' writing!  We have been working so hard!  With our state writing test quickly approaching, we have been knocking out all of my mini lessons necessary for success in writing.  Our latest prompt had students minds swarming with amazing word choice and voice.  I added the following words to our Million Dollar Words bulletin board and the students absolutely love seeing their choice of words up for display!

peering over things
tattered wool coat
leaped with fear
crazy fast
“Is that you?’ I stuttered.
gingerly tiptoed
in a blink of an eye

warmth of the summer sun
millions of teachers came flooding out of the room
sweet aroma
bright as the sun
sweaty palms
faint footsteps
smell of mildew smacked me in the face
muffled click
snorty laugh
sharp as daggers
rickety floor
perfect purple pirate ship
stumbled upon a key
as long as Atlantic Ocean
shoved it on my towel 
sharp as daggers
shiny as broken glass

This was a narrative writing piece so we used all my narrative writing mini lessons as a review.  The prompt was, "What happened after you found a key that opened a secret door?"  This will get us ready to read Secret Garden!  If you need lessons just for Narrative Writing, I have a product perfect for you!  It works well for grades 2-6.  

Check back later this week for a super duper wonderful video one of my students made showing our interactive notebooks.  She will certainly be a teacher some day!

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