Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Resolutions and Good Fortunes

Free Resource for the New Year!  You will find a bulletin board sign, a balloon template, a writing template, and 28 good fortunes.  The first day back from winter break, I like the students to reflect upon their past year and think of a MEANINGFUL resolution for the new year.  I allow them to discuss resolutions in groups and tell them it can be about anything from home, school, sports, etc.  I remind them that it is best to choose ONE resolution because it is easier keep throughout the year.  

Along with the resolutions, they get to pick a good fortune for the year.  I would love to be able to put them inside fortune cookies, but I settle for putting them inside balloons and each student chooses a balloon to pop to find their good fortune for the year.  I provide student-friendly fortunes and then we discuss in groups how each fortune can benefit them.  

Here are the steps we take to get to the final product to place on the bulletin board.

1.  Read a New Year’s book to students.  Ex.  Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller.
2.  In journals, help students write a resolution for home, school, and/or favorite sport or activity.
3.  Cut out each good fortune, and have students pick one.  You can put these in balloons for them to pop!
4.  In journals, write a prediction of what this good fortune may do for you in the new year.
5.  Edit and revise writing.
6.  Write final copies on circle provided.
7.  Cut out the circle and glue onto the balloon cut-out.
8.  Have students decorate.
9.  Add ribbon and display!

You can get this free resource at :  RESOLUTIONS AND GOOD FORTUNES
This is part of my 
January Winter Bundle

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