Sunday, December 8, 2013

Have you ever had writer's block?

Have you ever had writer's block?  Well imagine what little fourth graders go through when we are doing writing workshop.  After I give my lesson on JUST WRITE, I always always always visit with each student and see if they need help getting past the block.  Get a brick and wrap it with paper.  Write "Writer's Block" on it.  Hand it to the child and say, "Is this how you feel?  Weighed down and lost at what to write?"  They will feel relieved to get help and you will get to see what they can really do!  We all need a little boost once in a while.

You can go to my google documents for these three slides:  My Google Documents

I allow students to "Write Around the Room" when we are doing our sloppy copies or rough drafts.  We have assigned "special chairs" each week.  I have a couch, bean bags, cute little chairs, and a bench.  Those students can sit in their special chair with a little table or clipboard.  Others can sit on carpet, at a table, use one of the stools (I have plenty for those who don't get a special chair), or sit at a desk.  They can sit by a friend but not directly next to them.  Give each other space for thoughts!  I tell them to get comfortable and get their thoughts whirling!

I love how this little guy tried to block himself from everyone else.

Do you do anything different for this step of the writing process?  Please share!

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