Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Veterans Day Craftivity

I purchased this from Fun Teach for only $2.50!  What a steal!  I decided to shrink them down 50% and only use the camo ones- just because they are so stinkin cute!  Thank you Fun Teach!  I will have fun teaching tomorrow!  I will post more pictures when we finish.  My hall display will look super fantabulous.  I can't wait!
Veterans Day/Memorial Day Writing Craftivity

We got the soldiers done today.  It took quite a long time to color and cut them out.  My kiddos worked hard because I told them they would go out in the hall.  I thought blue paper would be good for behind the poems because the background for our wall display is red.  We wrote acrostic poems V-E-T-E-R-A-N-S  and wrote them in our writing notebooks.  Tomorrow, we will revise and write our finals copies so we can get them up in the hallway!  I think we will put red, white and blue stars all around them.  Our Veteran's Day parade is Monday. Woo woo!  I am so proud of my hubby for being a Veteran.  When my own kids were in elementary school, he participated in the parade for them.  Love him!


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