Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ready to Write!!!!

Now that we have completed our lessons on brainstorming, task, purpose, audience, graphic organizer, and plot, we are ready to get this story started!!!!  Our next lesson was on narrator, characters, setting, and general plot.  I explain that all of the characters do not need to be introduced right away.  They can add more later in the story.  After we brainstormed for the class story, then they filled in the chart for notebooks.  Then I had them draft their introduction onto a graphic organizer.

Next we focused on the setting of the story.  We read Working Cotton by Sherley Anne Williams.  We worked on our class story setting by using our 5 senses and creating a vivid description.  Then I cut out these houses from construction paper to save on ink.  Students wrote about their own settings. 

Next we wrote about our main character.  I loved these!  Of course many of them changed the hairstyle to fit their character.  Inside, we used my A-Z list of character traits to describe the main character.

Now we are ready to talk about the body of the paper!  I love using the Power of 3 to explain the right amount of detail needed for a good essay.  See the poster below.  After I modeled the class story, student wrote about ideas for the body of the paper making sure the suspense is increased in each paragraph!  I must have put the student samples on my ipad and forgot to bring it home.  Here are the lessons slides:

Then students transferred their ideas onto their graphic organizer:

Now we are ready to start developing our characters.  We read the mentor text by Patricia Polacco, Rotten Ritchie and Ultimate Dare.  We discussed how Ritchie changed from the beginning of the story to the end.  Then students worked on their characters using the A-Z character traits and how they may change in the story.  We created tri-folds out of them for their notebooks.  I am so pleased with their progress so far!!!!!

Stay tuned for the next lesson on dialogue!!!!!

Ooops!  How did this picture get in here?  I had to add a pic of me and hubby celebrating his birthday.  Happy 49th honey!  (Plus a couple.  He He He)

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