Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friendly Letter Frenzy

I have been going on a friendly letter frenzy!  My students have been writing letters from an explorer's point of view, to parents, friends, Native American point of view, yadda yadda yadda.  Why not one more review before I quiz them?  Please enjoy my free friendly letter item!  I started off by creating a teaching slide showing the students 5 parts of a friendly letter.  Then, I wanted to focus on the capitalization and punctuation related to parts so I created another slide.  Then I made an assessment for the students along with a teaching slide that shows them proofreading marks to use on the assessment.  Last, I created a slide to put up that simply lists the 5 parts (out of order) so they will have a word bank to choose from when taking the assessment.  I actually used this today!  I haven't had time to grade them yet thought.  Why not?  Well, I rushed out of school to pick up my son on time from middle school, rushed back home which isn't close, came home and made dinner for the family- and no, it wasn't mac and cheese with hotdogs!  Ha!  Next, we rushed back out to arrive at school Typical day for most of us I bet!
Well my friends and followers, my eyes are getting heavy.  I must turn it in for the night.  Nighty night!
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