Monday, November 4, 2013


Students wrote biopoems in class.  I love to hear the chitter chatter of their ideas as we were writing.  My students make me laugh daily!  One said, "I am afraid of frogs.  They just freak me out!"  Another said,"Caterpillars freak me out!"  Of course we had one say, "I'm not afraid of anything," so I had to visit his desk for a while and start listing more things that we didn't brainstorm on the board.  His group helped until we found something.  He is afraid of Tarantulas.  Who wouldn't be afraid of them?  After we wrote the poems in our writing notebooks, we helped each other correct spelling and punctuation.  Then, our super sweet computer teacher allowed us to type them up during computer class!  That way I didn't have to bring the laptop cart down to the room and worry about which ones were going to work or not.  Thank you Mrs. Hynson!  Students got to choose their own font and had to keep it within one page.  Finals copies went on the bulletin board for a while.  Then they went into their writing portfolios that I send home each nine weeks for parents to view and send back.  At the end of the year, they have a wonderful portfolio of their child's writing!  They love it!

Do you have any writing portfolio ideas?  I would love to hear them!!!
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