Thursday, November 28, 2013

$130 Christmas Giveaway PLUS Free Incredible Resources!!!!!!!

Are you ready for Christmas?  Are your lesson plans all set?  Even if you have your plans, are you interested in a $100 Target card for Christmas shopping or TPT gift certificates for new materials?  Several upper elementary teachers got together to create this wonderful giveaway!  Check out all the sponsors for this giveaway.  You will be set for December!  There will be 3 winners!  All 3 winners win the teaching resources.  Then the first winner will get $100 Target card, yes, that is what I said, a $100 Target card.  Why?  Because teachers are the hardest working people alive and deserve it!  I always said we should get a bonus around the holidays because it is so difficult to keep the students' attention.  The 2nd winner will get a $20 TPT gift certificate, and the 3rd winner will get a $10 TPT gift certificate.  Good luck! It is a win win!  Even if you don't win the 3 prizes, you can go to the links of each of the teachers on the Rafflecopter below and see what free items and resources they offer in their stores and blogs!  Lots of GREAT resources!

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