Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is It a Conclusion or Clincher?

I was thrilled when my fourth graders came to me knowing how to conclude a paragraph!  Way to go third grade teachers!  You rock!  Now I want to teach them to turn it into a clincher! 

A Clincher is the concluding sentence. 
Close the door to the paragraph!

They already knew:
**It summarizes the main ideas or feelings of a paragraph.
**It is not a relevant detail in the paragraph.
Now they will try:
Be creative by turning the topic sentence into 
a question
or a future thought.

Practice making clinchers!

I just love this little man.  I will save the explanation of the mustache for later!  He looks so official with the mustache and earning the privilege to sit in my seat!   (Notice our progress in our writing notebooks behind him!) 

 Tape the left side of the door so you can open it and put your examples!

Write your notes on the outside of the door!

I am impressed with their notebooks so far!  Next, we will put it all together and form our paragraph using the hamburger model!  Stay tuned! 

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