Saturday, October 12, 2013

Five for Friday Linky Party

 Ok Doodle Bugs, I have been following you for a while and love to read all your great ideas, but this is the first time I participated in your Five for Friday!  Here you go!


 We were practicing our vocabulary words and I copied them on yellow cardstock.  Then I copied the synonyms on green cardstock and antonyms on pink cardstock.  For review, students placed all the yellow cards out in a column or row.  Then they piled the pink and green ones upside down.  They took turns drawing a card and placing them in the right spots.


 We MUSTACHE you a question!  This was fun when we were studying our QUESTIONING strategy!


 During our study of Northwest Coastal region, we made these totem poles.  It was a super duper motivator for my fourth graders to get ready for their writing- RAISING OUR TOTEM POLES.  They had to pretend they were having a potlatch to tell the story behind their totem pole carvings.  FUN!  Native American Unit


We started Social Studies Notebooking this year.  I wanted my students to get an idea of how timelines are divided in equal increments and where our study falls in the timeline.  Since we study Ice Age through the Civil War, I had to give them two timelines because it was hard to put them all on one timeline!

5.My daughter came home from college this weekend!  She goes to UNCWilmington.  It was her first trip home!

I hope you enjoyed my First Five for Friday!   Your comments rock!!!!!

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