Sunday, October 27, 2013

Every Day is Like Sunday Linky!

Don't go into a MANIC MONDAY without some great ideas for the week!  Follow the linky and see what amazing lessons and weekly units others are implementing and your week with be EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING!

If you would like to link up, your link must go to a blog post.  Share 3 things that viewers can easily implement or download to use the next day or for the week.  We don't want anyone starting off their school week in a panic!  Within your blog post, you may include ONE link to your product if it relates to the post and ONE link to another blog or store.

1.  Share something you already taught that helped motivate your students to learn.
2.  Share something you plan on teaching this week or in the near future.
3.  Share something you found amazing from another blog or store.
Optional:  Tell us what you plan to do this Sunday!

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Here are my links for Every Day is Like Sunday Linky!  Anyone who links up today gets my Paragraph Writing product for free!!!!!!   Don't have a blog?  Well then, make a comment here and pin it to pinterest and waaahllllaaaa!  It is yours!

We have finished up our paragraph writing lessons!  I am so proud of my fourth graders and how far they have come since the beginning of the year with their writing skills!

Use these ideas for your class!  You can also find them:  Paragraph Writing   Interactive Writing Notebook  

We are starting our stem lessons this week.  I thought we would start off with some easy ones that they may already know.  We are going to focus on the Greek roots of numbers.  Uni, tri, penta, hexa, and dec.  Then I am going to have them learn two words from each root for the test at the end of the week.  Here are some of the activities we will do with the root words.  

 I hope they get a solid understanding after this week!  We will be doing many many more of these and I need to make sure I spend plenty of time on them this week so they can learn how to use and learn roots for the rest of the year!

Go to Rachel Lynette's site to hear what Brandi from My Teacher Friend has to say about 8 Reasons to Use Partners in the Classroom:  Minds in Bloom!  I found it to be a useful resource!

Free Milk and Cookie Partner Idea

I will be spending the day with my son and husband watching the Steelers on TV and going for a nice walk in the beautiful Carolina weather.  No coat needed!  Plus my kitty will be curling up next to me while I blog.  :)

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