Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Setting Up Interactive Writing Notebooks

Wow, these first couple weeks are flying past!  We are in our routines and starting our notebooks!  The kids just LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE them!  After they decorated the cover, I had a volunteer come in to help put in tabs.  I decided on two tabs.  The first tab is for our mini-lessons and recording the Common Core Standards.  If you are not using CCSS, have no fear!  I am making and Interactive Notebook for you and it should be out by the end of the weekend!  The second tab is for student writing.

How did we make tabs?  The easy way!  I took 2 colors of post it notes and cut them in strips. I folded it over once.  Then I taped an orange strip onto the 6th page.(leaving the first 5 for brainstorming) and a blue strip halfway through the notebook.  I used clear packaging tape and placed it on both sides of the tab and both sides of the page so it looks like it is a laminated piece.  I decided not to write on the labels.  See Pic:

Next, I provided some colorful ink pens.  Many of my wonderful  parents donated them at the beginning of the year!  You can get them pretty cheap these days!  I also bought these cute little cups at Target for $1.47 each.  I decided on 9 of them depending on how I have groups set up.  

The first one is black with glitter and the second one is clear with black flowers.  Cute!

Now we are ready to get started!  See my next blog post for brainstorming!!!!

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