Thursday, August 22, 2013

Writing Process Posters

Hello my friends!  Did I just start school yesterday?  It seems like at least a week!  Whew!  I'm getting to know my sweet little cherubs.  Anywho, I finally got my Writing Process Posters laminated and put up on my bulletin board.  The rest of the board is a bit empty since I plan to fill it with student writing.  In order to put these posters up, I had a challenge.  I didn't want to staple them because the clothespins wouldn't slide under.  Soooo I took ribbon (thanks to my partners in crime- Erin and LaShana for the idea) and hot glued each step to each other.  Then I glued the first poster to the wall using big clips for depth.  Next, I plan to paint the clothespins before I put the student names on them!  I think that would be cute.  What am I using the clothespins for?  As students are working during writing workshop, I will be working with a student or group of students at my table.  I can easily glance up to see what step each student is working on.  This helps especially for peer reflections!  They know who is ready to work with them!

If you are a lucky reader, you can find these in my store for free tonight only!  Have a great night!
Writing Process Posters

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