Friday, August 16, 2013

Win a free product- Million Dollar Words Posters

The first 3 people to leave comments below will win this cutie patootie bulletin board display for Million Dollar Words!  Don't have wall space?  Use them on your smart board or make posters to use during the revising stage of writing!  This is just a small portion of a huge interactive writing bundle I created for Common Core.  Here is a link to see the Posters in my store:
Million Dollar Word Posters

I have the Interactive Writing Notebooks already created for Grades 3-5.  In addition, I created a shortened version of Grade 4 for a customer who taught 2 grade levels.  I am currently working on a 6th grade one for my blogger friend Hojo and have requests for other grade levels as well.

Interactive Notebook for 3rd Grade

Interactive Notebook for 4th Grade

Interactive Notebook for 5th Grade
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