Sunday, July 14, 2013

Reading Log for the Year

What a busy summer!  I keep meaning to join up on linkies but find myself crazy busy balancing family fun and getting one of my products posted.  I have been working on a super duper writing product for the Common Core for months!  It will be well over 100 pages and will include everything you need for an interactive notebook.  Stay tuned to my blog because I will give it away free for a short time!  It will be a must have for sure!

Posted below I have a reading log that I found to be extremely beneficial last year.  Each week, students had to log and respond to a fiction question and nonfiction question.  There are 18 different questions (9 of each)  included in this set and numbered.  I copied them back to back and handed them out on Monday.  They were collected and graded on Fridays.  Each nine weeks I started over with the pack and they used different reading material to answer the questions.  By the end of the year, they had an amazing foundation of fiction and nonfiction elements!
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