Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interactive Writing Notebooks with ALL Writing Common Core Standards!

I have been working so long and hard on this project and I can't wait to use it this year!  I've taken all my lessons from over the years and creatively put them together so they are easily accessible throughout the school year.  I am so excited!  It is 381 pages!  No lie!  Here is a blurb...  I plan on blogging about each lesson throughout the year and post photos, etc.  I love it when I am so excited about my job!

This year-long unit (381 pages) was designed to follow through the WRITING PROCESS  and model lesson for Narrative Writing, Opinion Writing, Informative Writing and is aligned with ALL Common Core Writing State Standards and many Language Standards.  There are teachable slides that can be used on the smart board or printed for posters,  as well as student printables WITH STANDARDS to go along with each mini lesson.  The printables were specifically designed to be used in interactive writing notebooks.  In addition to the multitude of lessons, I created independent practice, model writing, assessments, tracking charts, forms, rubrics,  dictionaries, labels, etc etc
Look no further!  It is all here!
W.1, W.1.a, W.1.b, W.1.c, W.1.d,
W.2, W.2.a, W.2.b, W.2.c, W.2.d
W.3, W.3.a, W.3.b, W.3.c, W.3.d, W.3.e,
W.4, W.5, W.6, W.7, W.8, W.9, W.10
L.1. a, L.1.b, L.1.c, L.1.d, L.1.e, L.1.f, L.1.g
L.2.a, L.2.b, L.2.c. L.2.d

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