Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do you and your students love chocolate?

Do you need something fun for the end of the year?  My students always tell me this is their favorite activity of the year!  Why?  Because after the webquest, we make our very own chocolate bars!  Yes we do!

This is an awesome activity for chocolate lovers! It is a webquest that you can download onto your students' desktops or upload in your website for them to use at their computers. Each question presented has a link to a web address that students can click to find the information to write on their answer sheet. The answer key is included in the preview but not in the webquest so students don't see them!

There are 10 websites and over 20 questions including a timeline and 2 open-ended questions great for Common Core! 

It is used in my chocolate unit so questions are based around the history of chocolate and how chocolate became to be what we enjoy today. 

If you don't have time to make chocolate bars, then I give them a chocolate kiss or small piece of chocolate when they finish.  Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Here is how we make chocolate bars:
1.  Send this home a week ahead.  This is enough for one class usually around 25 students.

2.  Prior to the chocolate day, have a piece of foil for each student approximately 18 inches long.

3.  The day of making bars, bring in a large slow cooker, a mixing spoon, a large serving spoon, a box of quart size baggie, and have 10 extra plastic spoons for serving ingredients.  Pour all of the chocolate chips in on low heat.  Mix until melted completely.  Pour ingredients in the plastic bowls and line them up on table.

4.   Explain to the students on how to make the bar and create their own chocolate bar label and recipe.  Students who are not at the table making their chocolate bars, can be working on their label and recipe.

Chocolate Bar Instructions:
1.  Hand out a plate, foil, plastic bag (with student name written on it), small piece of paper to write the title of their bar.
2.  Get a plate with a piece of foil on top.  (the plate keeps it sturdy and keeps them from burning their hands)
3.  Pour a large serving spoon size onto their foil.
4.  Students add their choice of ingredients.
5.  When they get back to their desk, fold and seal the foil around their creation.  They can make different shapes (hearts, circles, etc) and create things with the foil (swan)
6.  Write the name of their bar on the paper. "Sam's Scrumptious Candy Bar" and tape it on the foil.
7.  Place it in the plastic bag and seal it.
8.  Put the bags in the freezer or refrigerator for an hour. (sometimes 2)
9.  Once hardened, they may eat!  I usually have them take it home to eat so the parents can see what we did too!

Recipe Instructions:
1.  Pull up a few recipes on the Internet and show the kids how they are set up.
2.  Tell them to put the name of their bar at the top.
3.  Then list the ingredients they used and how much.
4.  Last write the steps it took to make the bar!  (sometimes we do this one together and I write it on the board)
5.  Put the recipe cards on display or in a class recipe book!

What do you think?  Yummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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