Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fairy Tale Figurative Language and Cheer Results!

Ok first with the Cheer results from the Worlds Competition!  Coed Elite got the bronze medal!  I am so excited for them!  Can you believe there were 28 countries represented?  It was so amazing hearing all the different languages around us as we sat in the arena.  Here are some pics!
My shirts turned out cute!




Happily waiting knowing that they rocked it!

Now that I am back in my classroom and back to reality, I have a prezzie for you!  Today only I am posting my Fairy Tale Figurative Language Unit on TPT for free.  Did I say free?  Yes I did!

Figurative Language is such an important part of reading and writing. We love to discover and identify them in our stories. We love to use it in our writing!

This thorough unit can be used to introduce Figurative Language at the beginning of the year or as a review at the end of the year! It is really fun to practice it with a fairy tale unit! I provided an easy to follow Two-Week Lesson plan and each of them go along with fairy tales:
Cinderella Similes
Little Mermaid Metaphors
Alice's Alliteration
Fairy Tale Onomatopoeia
Pinnochio's Personification
Idioms of Imagination
Hansel's Hyperboles

You will find everything you need! I included: a colorful poster for display or smart board, a whole group practice, independent practice, as well as a booklet (with rubric) for each one. In addition, I have 3 combination reviews, culminating writing activity, a study guide, and a test. When your students finish with this unit, they will have a clear understanding of Figurative Language! A book list and answer keys are also included!

Sample of class practice and booklet

Sample of worksheet

Sample of combo practice

Sample of writing assignmnet

Sample of poster for bulletin board or smart board presentation
Here ya go!

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