Friday, April 19, 2013

Going West Journal Idea and Cheer Fans!

Since you love my updates on my kids, here is the latest!  We are so close to the Worlds Competition!  It is next Saturday in Disney World.  We are freaking out!  Thanks goodness to TPT I will be able to take my family on this trip so we can all celebrate.  My best friend from Pittsburgh and her family are also coming with us!  Demi gets to fly with her team but the rest of us will caravan.  I can't wait!  In Myrtle Beach last month, Demi experienced a rush a fans!  They got her autograph and pictures with her.  They were from our hometown and I teach or taught some of them.  They were so adorable!  Here are some pics!  (That is her proud brother with the cheer shirt next to her.....trying to flirt with the girls I think..He He)

Ok ok, enough bragging.  I have to though, she will be leaving me soon!  I can't believe how time flies.  For all of you with youngins, squeeze and love on them.  They grow up so fast!  

Going West Journal
There is a really fun picture book out there that I got from my friend/colleague across the hall Erin Few.  It is called, The Foul, Filthy American Frontier.  It has all the gory details and it gets their attention!   I usually read the chapter book, Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie to them but we ran out of time this year.  Imagine that!  So much to teach, so little time.  Next, I  review/share other hardships, animals, plants. 

Then I assign a Going West Journal to them.  They absolutely love it!  

Here is a link, but if you don't want to purchase the journal, that is ok!  Just have them choose dates of travel, starting point and destination, then several hardships to describe on their journey.  

I always have students make covers with brown paper and try to dirty it up (yes some use actual dirt, others burn the edges---at home--not school!  Ha!  That would put me on my principals best side for sure..He)  This is one of their favorite projects to share.  They try to gross each other out.  That's ok because there were many gross things happening on that trail.!  I hope your students get to enjoy a trip out west!  Here are some cute examples:

P.S.  Erin (my source of info)  reminded me this is great time to teach Tall Tales too.

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