Friday, March 8, 2013

Peer Editing Idea

For those of you following my posts about my daughter and her Cheer Level 5 Senior Large Coed team, we went to Dallas and won the National Title!  It was incredibly close.  All the teams were amazingly talented and the difference between first and second place was by .04 of a point!  Can you believe it?  Well, I am very proud of her hard work and dedication.  Here is a pic of her with the trophy, when they announced the winner and her team sitting in the shape of a cancer symbol in honor of their cheer mom with breast cancer.  They call themselves Ashley's Army.  Precious.  Tonight is their celebration and poor Demi has to miss it because she has the flu, strep, and double ear infection!  It has been a crazy week!

On with my editing idea.  We have been writing every day in preparation for our state writing test coming up in a couple weeks.  For homework, I give them a prompt and they have to do a graphic organizer on Monday, rough draft on Tuesday, revise and edit on Wednesday and final copy on Thursday.  This week, prior to revising and editing, we exchanged our rough drafts in class.  I gave each student a sticky note because I didn't want them writing on the actual paper.  Together we went through each item on my checklist and I asked them to look at their peer's paper to see if it met that expectation.  They were to not only write ideas for revisions but they had to find positive things to say about the writing as well.  As I circulated, I noticed more peer teaching than ever before.  It was a great lesson!

I like how this student made the sticky note stand up while revising!

Revising is best in color!

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