Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Quatrains

Hey all my lovies out there!  Valetine's Day is quickly approaching!  Since I love younz all so much, I am giving you my newest item for free!  It is Pamuary after all.  I don't just celebrate my birthday, I celebrate it the whole month and even named it after myself!  He He He!  My family embraces the first part of the month but then they get worn slap tired of treating me like a Queen.  I deserve it!  I work hard and take care of all of them the other 11 months!

Teach your students rhyme scheme with quatrains.  Use their poems to create a hall display or poetry book!  I like to teach a poem or two each month and save them for the end of the year for a Poetry Slam!

Anyone from Georgia out there?  My daughter competed at the Gwinnett Arena this past weekend.  We didn't finish up until close til 10pm Sunday and drove back to Charlotte.  Needless to say, I needed lots and lots of coffee Monday morning to make it through the school day!  It was fun though and even better when her coed team got first place!  Woo woo!  On to Washington DC next.


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