Monday, January 7, 2013

Penguin Nonficiton Writing

I can't wait to start my little penguin unit.  The writing part is my favorite!  I'm going to have my students read Nonfiction penguin books and take notes onto a graphic organizer.  Then they will have to take their findings and write on the circle templates in their own words.  Each template is designed different for them to create headings with detailed information, draw pictures and write captions, and find new words to share from their reading.  There also is a bibliography page to get them used to documenting their findings.  Last, they get to make the cute little penguin and staple their circles onto the body..  Waddle waddle!  So cute!  One of my students saw my model of the penguin and wanted to start on them today.  Too bad we had to catch up on some things first!

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