Sunday, December 2, 2012

Legend Study

This week, my students enjoyed our legend study.  I put them in four groups.  They read one story together and discussed the legend elements.  Then filled out a summary and activity for it.  Then, they moved to the next center the following day with a different story.  We read:

Legend of the Christmas Stocking
Legend of St. Nicholas
Legend of the Bluebonnet
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

The activities for each legend:
Legend 1- Making Text Connections
Legend 2- Point of View
Legend 3- Fact and Opinion
Legend 4- Meaningful Quote

On Friday, I read The Legend of the Pointsettia to them and we made poinstettias.  I decorated my door with them.  In my store, I have the worksheets, craft instructions, and rubric if you are interested. Of course I forgot to take a picture so I am sending myself an email to do that on Monday!!!

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