Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Around the World Display

What a busy week!  My son had a basketball game at the middle school, my daughter had cheer practice, then I went to see our high school's chorus concert.  They always put on an amazing show!  Even though I was slow moving today, we got a lot accomplished in class!  I decided to take the Christmas Around the World booklets and have the students choose one of their traditions to write and decorate onto an ornament cut out.  It made for a cute display since our dolls aren't due yet.  They are designing those at home!  Take a look for yourself!



  1. We are also doing Chriatmas around the world. I am also waiting for my dolls to come back and i love this idea. Can you please tell me where you found that awesome template of the ornament. Thank you. Mrs. Valerie

  2. Oh fun! When I get to work tomorrow, I will make a template for you and email it to the above email! Pam

  3. Thank you for the template - we are working on a non-fiction unit right now and this will be perfect for next week! I am your newest follower.


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