Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So stinkin excited

Who says we can't live through our children?  As stressful as this year has been with my daughter being a senior and center flyer for an elite coed cheer team, I feel very thankful that she is living her dream.  Here is a newspaper article when her team were the first team to win a full-paid bid to Worlds in April!  Going to these competitions are insane!  People flock around them and ask for autographs.  Demi even has a girl from Scotland who contacts her and a girl from Florida contacted her to see if she could send her an autograph.  What an exciting year for her!  Needless to say, I am working twice as much as ever to help pay for this dream.  Now we are looking at colleges.  She is applying to all the cheer colleges- Oklahoma State, Louisville, NC State, USC, Alabama.  She used to hate being so short and tiny and now it has paid off!  Although I barely sleep (her practices are 2 hours away) and I teach and run my store, I am so stinkin excited for her.  I am proud to be her mom and thank God to give her this talent so she can live her dream.  Last week, she filmed a video for Levine's Children's Hospital with Gaby Douglas, Jordyn Weiber, and Aly Raisman, yes our Olympic gymnasts!  How cool is that?????????  Here is a link to the video:

Link for Lake Wylie Pilot:

Since I am being so thankful these days, I will be participating in Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale!  Come check out all the great products from some super amazing teachers!

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