Sunday, November 11, 2012

Colonial Debate

Sorry I've been MIA for a while!  My daughter is on an elite level 5 cheer team and we traveled up to Columbus, OH for a competition.  It was worth the long bus ride!  They won a full paid bid to the World's Competition in Disney World in April!  They were the first team in the world to win this award!  Then when we returned, I ended up getting the stomach bug.  Now that I am back on my feet from one extreme excitement to being in bed for 29 hours, I am back!

This week in my class, we are finishing up a Colonial unit. My favorite part of the unit is to put students in small groups and assign each one a role:  Native American, colonist, explorer, slave.  They have to sit in a circle and have a debate on their point of view.  Last year, I had some of the best discussions come out of this!  Try it!  Of course, make sure to explain that a debate is not yelling or threatening.  It is discussing their perspectives!  I may have them make hats this year too.  I thought that would be cute!

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