Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cinderella Unit- My first blog!

Cinderella dressed in yella!!  

This week, we are reading a variety of Cinderella books and focusing on point of view and compare/contrast.  In centers, I have students reading Cendrillon, Vasillisa the Beautiful, Cinderella Skeleton, Rough Faced Girl, and a few others from other countries.  I developed a chart with fantasy elements.  As the children read the different books, they write down the elements found in each one.  We will then compare and contrast the books and characters using a venn diagram and triple venn diagram.  My favorite part is when we tell the point of view from another character in one of the books.  In my store, I have all of these in a unit.  It includes a test for Cendrillon which is also sold separately.  
This is the chart I use to compare different Cinderella Stories.

                       Fairy Tale Elements

Choose 3 Cinderella stories and fill out the chart.  Ex.  Cendrillon, Rough-Faced Girl, Smoky
Mountain Rose, Cinderella Skeleton, The Egyptian Cinderella, The Golden Sandal, Soot Face

Title of Books



What is the Problem?

How does the problem grow?

What are the magical elements?

When does it
reach the climax?

How is the problem solved?

What is the happily ever after?

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