Thursday, January 1, 2015

Writing Mini Lesson #14- Graphic Organizers for Narrative Writing

Previously in Writing Mini Lesson #13, your students set goals for their writing.  Now that the prompt has been introduced and students brainstormed ideas for the prompt, it is time to look at Graphic Organizers that fit well for your expectations.  The one I chose for fourth grade knowing that I want them to create a 5-paragraph essay is directly below.  It sets up the essay perfectly including introduction, topic sentences, details and conclusion.  I find it to be very effective.

Once my students get used to using graphic organizers, I allow them to choose from any of the following or create ones of their own.  They can get very creative!!!  Below you will find graphic organizers that I designed for my students.  You are welcome to use them for your students as well!  Click on the picture and it will take you to my store where I offer them for FREE!  Yes, FREE!

Stay tuned for the next mini lesson-  Writing Mini Lesson #15- Plot!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Paragraph Writing-------Dollar Deals in the New Year!

I feel blessed to be a part of a group of teachers so passionate to their job!  Upper Grade Memoirs is going to help you ring in the New Year the right way!  That's for sure!  We are offering close to 40 Dollar Deals!  These products are usually priced between $3-$8 but from January 1-4th they will only be $1!  Below you will see where you can find the Dollar Deals and how you can enter a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers!  This will get your year started!  Woo Woo!  Each teacher is offering 4 products at the discounted $1!  It is like winning the lotto when the clock strikes 12!

 The four products I am listing for $1 are found at my store in the FEATURED PRODUCTS.  CLICK ME TO GO TO ROCKIN RESOURCES STORE!!!!!!!  I will tell you about one of my products, but you will need to go to my store to see the other 3!  It is a mystery!!!!!

My first product is one of my popular products on Paragraph writing.  Paragraph writing is a skill that should be taught prior to essay writing.  Common Core Standards are written on the posters/slides and printables taken from the 4th grade standards but can be used with Grades 3-5.  Included in this packet are instructions, teaching posters for bulletin board or smart board, student printable for note booking, independent practice, quiz, and test.
1.  Subjects and Predicates
2.  Complete Sentences
3.  Fragments
4.  Run-Ons
5.  Topic Sentences
6.  Indents
7.  Relevant Details
8.  Clincher
9.  Hamburger Model

This paragraph writing comes from my large writing notebooks.  Writing for the Year!  If interested, see the products off the right.  I have best sellers for 2nd- 6th grade and also one that can be used for grades 3-6 if you teach multiple levels.  It includes all the skills from each of the notebooks.

Here are some samples of note booking from this product!


Samples of Student Printables

Hint:  My second product has to do with a certain war.  Hmmmmmmm whatcha think?  Battle of the Bulge after all those Christmas cookies?  Ha!

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Hint:  And my fourth product has to do with a special man who has a birthday in January.  Bradley Cooper?  I wish!  I will have to figure out some lessons plans to go along with him too!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Writing Mini Lesson#13- Setting Writing Goals

I am going to do a little throw back Monday.  Oh that is supposed to be on Thursdays?  Well, I never formed to the mold so I might as well keep being me.  I created a post on writing goals last year and I didn't have anything to add at this point.  So read on!

Before moving on, I wanted my students to create a writing goal.  Since we have already covered complete sentences, fragments, run-ons, capitals, punctuation, and some spelling patterns, I told them to choose something that I frequently have to correct in their writing.  If I don't have to correct many errors (just a select few) then they may use things like using a thesaurus or adding figurative language.  I had a student say, "I can't wait to write this story!"  I love hearing their anticipation.  I explained that everyone who listens to the lessons and follows directions in the notebooks, should have no problem getting an A on the final product because we are going to go through this first writing piece step-by-step so they completely understand the best strategy to take them through the writing process.  Here are some of my students' goals.  I was proud of them for thinking about these goals.  I probably would have chosen the same ones for them!

Now this creative student took her goal and although I didn't provide or instruct for students to make their goal interactive, she took it upon herself to make hers more fun.  She made my day!  I loved her "Secret Door" with the goal inside!

And she had even more doors to open!

Stay tuned for #14- Graphic Organizers for Prewriting!!!  Woo woo!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mini Lesson #12- Task, Purpose, Audience for Narrative Writing

Now that your students are excited about writing a narrative story and finished their brainstorming, it is time to make sure your students understand the task at hand, the purpose for their writing, and the audience who will be reading their stories.

Common Core Standard W.4.4. "We can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience."

Task:  What are you asked to write?  (Make sure to read all the task expectation.)

Purpose:  What is the reason for your writing?  (Ex.  narrate?  persuade?  debate or express opinion?  provide information?  entertain?  describe?)

Audience:  Who is the intended audience?  Do you need a formal voice or casual voice or combination of the two?  (peers, family, school administrators, businesses)

 The next mini lesson will be on creating goals in writing!!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Writing Mini Lesson #11- Prewriting for Narrative Essay

Moving forward from Elements of Narrative Writing, we are ready to ROCK 'N' WRITE!!!!  I am going to jump back in time and use part of a post from last year and mix it with some examples and ideas from this year!

I love love love our notebooks and referring back to our previous lessons!  I hold my little elves accountable for the skills already introduced!  For example, since we've already covered complete sentence structure and paragraph writing, I expect my class to use these skills in their writing.  I even have my Math/Science partner on board and she keeps them accountable too!  Woo woo!

Step One of the Writing Process is PREWRITING.  Let the writing begin!!!!!  I showed my class this poster about brainstorming:

Next, I showed my class the next poster and I talked out loud so they could hear my thinking.  I used "A Shattered Window."  I talked about why I chose it for my writing and how I could come up with many ideas to go along with it.  Then I showed this slide that shows different scenarios for the shattering of the window.

We added a few more ideas to the list together, then it was their turn to brainstorm ideas.  I gave them a light bulb to place in their interactive notebooks and asked them to take notes on ideas that they could possibly choose and add as many as they want.  Then they chose one for the plot of their own essay and placed it under the light bulb.  I showed the students how to cut the bottom, paste only the bottom and the top of the bulb.  Then lift up the bulb to write their choice.  I have some creative students who wanted to make their light bulb interactive differently and I absolutely allowed it!  

My students enjoyed coming up with ideas and working in their notebooks.  I can't wait to see them build a mystery with each tiny little mini lesson!  I explained that we will take weeks and weeks to write one story so they could see each important step!

Next lesson:  Stay tuned for task, purpose, and audience

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